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Inspektion & Retrofit


Retrofitting can be carried out where older machines and installations are in a good mechanical condition, but have control systems and drives that are no longer state-of-the-art. Control systems and drives can be replaced by leading-edge units, regardless of the technology that was previously used. Thanks to retrofitting, it is even possible to exceed the earlier efficiency in many cases. 

The Inautec engineers inspect existing systems. For example, they carry out checks with regard to availability or passenger safety, assess the possibilities for modernization, submit proposals for improvement and implement these in a systematic manner.



Annual inspection

Usually our annual inspections last 1 to 2 days per plant, depending on the complexity. We offer these worldwide, testing all safety-relevant devices, including their functions, as well as conducting network and consumption measurements. We recommend that all our customers carry out these annual inspections. They ensure the safe operation of the systems with regard to the installed safety devices and their functions.

customer training

We train and educate our customers worldwide to ensure the optimum maintenance of our systems. From the simplest drive system to highly complex control systems for high-performance linear motors and highly dynamic hydraulic systems. In doing so, we primarily train the specific error analysis using the provided analysis tools.

service engagements

Individually tailored to our customers, we offer worldwide service assignments. For example: commissioning customer-specific retrofits, commissioning of safety-relevant replacement devices and / or modifications or support in case of more difficult troubleshooting.




We develop concepts and provide comprehensive advice on retrofit conversions of entire control systems, retrofitting of safety-relevant replacement devices or retrofitting of new drive systems.

safety controls

Safety first. We therefore trust in controllers from Allen-Bradley and Siemens, which meet the requirements of the currently applicable standards. For projects in the field of retrofitting, we leave our customers free choice with regard to manufacturers of replacement control systems.

drive systems

We offer the latest generation replacement drive units for 1:1 exchange worldwide, including commissioning and removal tests.

Our drive systems:
Asynchronous motors, DC motors, servo motors, synchronous and asynchronous linear motors, hydraulic systems and pneumatic systems.

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