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Driverless control and transportation systems


Besides control systems for the amusement industry, Inautec is a supplier of fully automated, driverless monorail control systems in various configurations. These passenger transportation systems are used for public transportation, e.g. airport to city connections or within closed environments like amusement parks or similiar. Most of these system run on elevated light weight constructions in order to minimize the required floor space, which is beneficial especially for condensed city areas.

Monorail systems usually run on dedicated tracks without intersections with other systems. This makes this type of transportation system predestinated for automatic operation. Inautec’s system is called Automatic Transport Guiding System ATGS. The grades of automation can be individually defined according to customers requirements. ATGS is fully scalable and allows many possible configurations, get in touch with us and we will show you in detail how it is done.

Developed in Switzerland 

The ATGS core has been developed entirely at the Inautec research and development department in Switzerland by a team of committed expert engineers. The system meets the highest safety requirements and complies with the applicable standards and regulations. 

Worldwide references available


Fully automated systems without driver are already in operation in the Chinese cities Xian and Ningbo,

a semi-automated system with driver on board will go into public operation in Turkmenistan soon.

In 2018, a fully automated monorail system will go into service in the Italian city of Bologna and will connect the airport and the train main station with a track of 5km length.

Contact us! We will be pleased to show you the wide range of possibilities offered by our ATGS core.